Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch at Uncle Shucks

Originally uploaded by Trent, Mk, and Tyler
This weekend Trent, Tyler, and myself went to a pumpkin patch in Dawsonville and had a great time! It was funny to watch Tyler try and pick the pumpkins up and lay all over them. I don't know if he is making the connection to the one on our front porch but he loves playing with it now too. There was a kiddie corn maze that we ran through and Tyler screamed when we had to let other kids have a turn on the bridge (the highlight of the corn maze). Trent loved the caramel popcorn and I was amazed at how unique some of the pumkins looked. The best part for Tyler was when he sat on the pony. We were not sure what he would do but he LOVED it. He kept repeating "Abba, Abba" and petting the pony. Abba is what he calls our dog, Bailey. Very funny, I guess to him anything that has a tail is an Abba. There are some new pictures under the Family Photos Two link to the right.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Flickr Page

Originally uploaded by Trent, Mk, and Tyler
We added a new flickr page because of space issues on the old one. The link is to the right. It's updated with pictures from Tyler's birthday and other pictures from the past few months.