Friday, June 13, 2008

I Am Slow!

In February, Meredith tagged me and I just now realized it! I am sorry. I am slow and have not had time to play on the computer! Now, that summer has arrived I will play this game of tag. So, here are six things you may or may not want to know about me! If I have the rules right, I am going to tag six more people and you have to play the game. If I have the rules wrong, sorry.

1. I love to teach children to read and I find a lot of enjoyment in seeing students make progress. I hope this one day could move in the direction of teaching adults to read. I think that would be very rewarding.

2. Motherhood has been the most rewarding endeavor in my life and also the most exhausting. The first year is full of so many changes and once I figure out one thing something else changes. I love Tyler, he is my best pal! I am so thankful the Lord provided me with this opportunity.

3. I mess up words alot. Trent has to help me with this. I never say idioms correctly and use words incorrectly. He tries to cover up my mistakes when we are around others but I just laugh about it now.

4. I really enjoy running. I hate being injured and Trent hates it too. I become grumpy and mean. I am planning to run another half marathon in the fall. Hope, I can!

5. I am so glad I got to marry my best friend. I have the most fun with him daily and there is not a day that passes by that he does not make me laugh. What a blessing to live life alongside him!

6. Trent and I hope to adopt a child one day. The Lord has not revealed to us His timing or plan for that but we know the desire is present in both of our hearts.

Okay, so now my turn to tag! I tag Shannon Osborne, Candace Queen, Liz Walters, Kristen Bagwell, Catherine Goforth, and Heather O'Dell (now, Heather you have to figure out blogging!) I am also tagging my parents because I want to cheat and break the rules!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Loving Life

Tyler has a horrible bruise on his forehead. I am embarassed in public because I wonder if people think I am an irresponsible mom who does not pay attention to her child. Tyler has decided to jump on his bed and the bruise was a product of his play time in his crib! I thought he would stop jumping but he has not. I am glad he loves life!

After thirty minutes at the pool-

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

On the Move and Into Everything!

Wow! Tyler is on the move and gaining speed in his crawl. He also likes to pull up on everything and gets a new bruise everyday. I can no longer set him down and watch him while I get something accomplished. That is okay because he is so much fun. Tyler is beginning to really like books and loves to give slobbery kisses. He got tubes in his ears last Thursday and did great. He is cutting two top teeth and loves to play in the refrigerator and cabinets. This is a picture of Tyler at Grandma's house looking through her cabinets.
Trent says it is now MK's turn to update the blog so hopefully I will update more frequently. No promises, but I will try.